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SELCO has leveraged the potential of the country’s significant rural banking system to finance sustainable energy systems for poor rural households. Over the years, SELCO has forged partnerships with nine regional rural banks, commercial banks, NGOs and rural farmer cooperatives to develop financial solutions.

SELCO helps its customers obtain the necessary credit to purchase solar lighting and thermal systems. Much like, in the urban world, when considering other large purchases such as new homes or automobiles, the presence of credit facilitates purchasing. Since an energy service to an underserved household can represent several months of income, the provision of affordable and accessible credit is essential.
  • Financing Partners:
    To assure that our customers have access to credit at the door-step, we partner with commercial banks, regional rural banks (also called as grameen banks), and credit cooperatives. SELCO's pioneering work in rural India encouraged many of the above mentioned financial institutions to create a separate line of credit for solar systems. 

  • Credit Terms:
    Interest rates are based on the credit source and range from 5% to 14%. Customers typically put between 10-25% down, paying the balance over three to five years.
Access to Sustainable Energy Services via Innovative Financing
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