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Founded in 2001 by international development consultants with over four decades of experience in the physical infrastructure and development finance sectors, The Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF) promotes inclusive market and financial systems that address market barriers that prevent poor and underserved populations from participating in the mainstream economy. Through its Social Merchant Bank Approach® (SMBA), S3IDF works with public and private players to develop and implement pro-poor business models and development strategies that leverage resources, integrate incentives, and mitigate risk. S3IDF has facilitated several hundred small-scale pro-poor investments and provided capacity building training and program development support to local financial institutions, technology suppliers, and enterprises.

Dr. Russell deLucia, Founder and Executive Director of S3IDF: "SELCO has been a strategic partner of S3IDF since we began operation in India via our affiliate, S3IDF India. There has been and will continue to be many opportunities for complementary activities to improve the poor's access to lighting and to other basic services. As part of our mutually beneficial partnership, SELCO has incorporated some of the innovative financing and investment structures that S3IDF brings to our collaborations and to our broader development agenda, and S3IDF has benefited from SELCO's superior technology, after-sales service networks, and commitment to developing products that meet the needs of the poor. We were pleased to be able to further cement our partnership by becoming a SELCO shareholder when the opportunity arose."

The Lemelson Foundation believes that invention is critical to solving the world’s most pressing problems. Their goal is to provide people worldwide with an environment conducive to invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Founded in 1993 by Jerome Lemelson and his wife, Dorothy, the Foundation has devoted the past two decades to fostering creativity and celebrating the inventive spirit. With over 600 patents to his name, Jerome Lemelson understood the importance of innovation to ensure a bright future. The Foundation has committed more than $150 million to improve lives through invention in the U.S and developing countries.

"SELCO has not only innovated in developing energy products and financing models specifically for the needs of rural poor in India, they've also been a valued partner in the Foundation's global network of innovators working to find solutions to the world's most pressing problems," said Jill Tucker, Senior Program Officer for The Lemelson Foundation, "Their deep understanding of how to sustainably meet the energy needs of poor people has been invaluable."

The Good Energies Foundation, a Swiss-registered not-for-profit foundation focuses on the alleviation of poverty through supporting projects and organizations providing sustainable access to renewable energy, and mitigating climate change. It is an independent non-profit foundation affiliated with Good Energies, a leading global investor in renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. Founded in 2001, the firm invests in solar, turbine-based renewables, green building technologies and other emerging areas within clean energy. Guided by the “3-P” principle of People-Planet-Profit, Good Energies looks for meaningful, long-term investments in companies with outstanding growth potential. The firm’s mission is to accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Marcel Brenninkmeijer, Chairman of the Good Energies Foundation.
SELCO India’s innovative business model has great potential to help developing areas meet their energy needs through sustainable solutions, as well as become a major resource in India’s renewable energy future. We are extremely pleased to support an organization that has helped so many and look forward to working with Dr. Hande and SELCO India as it expands the scope of its work.”

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