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SELCO has grown from a solar service pioneer to a sustainable and successful energy service provider.

Since 1995, SELCO has:

45 energy service centers in Karnataka and Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar and Tamil Nadu in India

Skill force of over 375employees

2,00,000  + solar home lighting systems in 20 years

Largest solar water heating system
~ 4,00,000 liters for a single client in India

Supported 4 solar entrepreneurs Currently, 6 solar entrepreneurs are being mentored in partnership with Selco Incubation Centre.

For the past 20 years, SELCO has concentrated on building the necessary parts for a sustainable and scalable model for energy services delivery through its bottom top approach.

In the process, we’ve developed the ability to not only sell and service solar lighting systems, but other energy services to improve and empower our customers’ lives. We have developed and refined a model for bringing rural services to poor families. SELCO has shown that empowering rural customers can be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

SELCO focuses on its customers and provides them with the best energy products, service, and access to affordable finance.

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