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SELCO operations delivers an energy service to its end user through provision of high quality products, installation, technical reliability, equipment maintenance, customer education and linkages to appropriate financial institutions.

Energy Service Center (ESC)
: The ESC is the basic building block of the SELCO’s rural operations. Each ESC has a service territory in which it markets, sells, installs, and services SELCO’s energy services. Through these ESCs, SELCO reaches into the smallest and most remote communities.

Regional Branch Offices: SELCO operates Regional Branch Offices throughout its service territories to supply, administer, and manage its ESCs. The RBO provides ongoing management and supply of SHS components to these ESCs, and serve as contact point between SELCO central headquarters in Bangalore, and ESC offices.

Headquarters Office: SELCO Headquarters office in Bangalore is responsible for the overall management of SELCO operations. The headquarters provides all accounting and managerial oversight.

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