We provide tailored energy solutions

across customer segments, sectors and geographies

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Customer Centric Solutions

We design, develop and deploy customised solutions by listening to the needs of our customers based on their local contexts such as terrain, nature of settlements, affordability, state of infrastructure and so on.

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Facilitate Appropriate Financing

We facilitate access to end user financing by linking our customers to appropriate local financial institutions with financial products that are tailored to cash flows, thereby enhancing their affordability.

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Door-Step Service

We deploy solutions across all districts of Karnataka, parts of Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bihar via our 50 company branches to ensure quality of our products and services in a timely manner to all our customers.

Our Solution Offerings

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Basic Energy Access

Solar home lighting, solar water heaters, solar inverters, DC household appliances like butter churner, grinders

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DC appliances like roti rolling machines, sewing machines, milking machines, blacksmith fan blowers, photocopy-printer

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Primary health centres, digital education tools, street lights, hostel lights, petrol pumps, religious places

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Advisory and Training

Use our extensive ground knowledge to conduct exposure visits, training on topics related to energy access and social enterprises, mentorship for energy enterprises, practitioner inputs to policies, related research & analysis

Special Projects

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Solar Solution for Old Age Home, Udupi, Karnataka


Sneha Bharathi Education Society runs a old age home in Mangalore, Karnataka. The center provides senior citizen with food, accommodation and health care. The center houses 40 senior citizen along with 6 staff. People at this facility are either rescued from the streets or come based on referrals. As this is a heat prone area, continual cooling is a essential need and hence energy efficient fans have been installed here.

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Solar Solution for Vagjyothi Residential School for Hearing Impaired


Vagjyothi Deaf and Dumb School is located in Udupi, Karnataka. It is a co-educational school with 52 students from grades 1-8. The school is equipped with speech trainer equipment and group hearing aids that heavily depend on a stable supply of electricity. Additionally, the school provides hostel facilities for 48 students. In order to fulfill their electricity requirements, a 5 kWp inverter has been installed.

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Solar Water Pump at Mekedatu


SELCO partnered with Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) to install solar water pump at Mekedatu, Karnataka.

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Solar Power for Jyoti Seva School for Blind Children, Bangalore:


Jyothi Seva School for Blind Children is a residential school for the visually Impaired children run by the Jyothi Seva Society. The school is located in Venkateshapura, Bangalore. There are 92 students in age group of 3.5-25. The students are mostly from poor, under privileged families, slums and lepers colonies, orphans or semi orphans. The institution offers free food, shelter and education to the visually impaired children. The monthly expense incurred on electricity bills was high and and the institue was looking for alternative sources of energy to limit their expenses on electricity.

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Solar Powered Poultry Lighting at Shirur


Poultry farmer Manjunath Pujari lives in the Goliberu village of the Udupi District. He installed solar lighting solution of 65 lights in his chicken farm.

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Solar Powered Conveyer Belt Roti Rolling Machine at Dharwad


Kavita Parvati, a Dharwad district resident and roti-rolling business owner, has been in the business for five years. Every day, she prepares about 3000 rotis. She opted on a conveyer belt roti machine to keep up with the expanding business.

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Renewable Energy source for Sewing Machine


Varija, a tailor from Nitte in the Karkala Taluk, opted a solar-powered sewing machine as her main source of livelihood.

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Solar powered training center


The Timbaktu Collective is a grassroots nonprofit organization have installed a solar powered inverter system to run the their training center

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Solar power for Taluk Hospital Mundgod, Karnataka


Multiple solar solutions have been provided to the Taluk Hospital Mundgod is located in Sirsi, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.

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Energy Audit of Health Centers in Uttar Kannada, Karnataka


SELCO aims to create a solar energy blanket in Primary Health Centers (PHCs) across Uttar Kannada district in Karnataka.In order to come up with solar solutions for these a thorough energy, the audit has been conducted for 71 PHCs across 9 Taluks of Uttar Kannada district.

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Consultancy Project - GIZ - Health Energy road map for West Bengal


SELCO India as a part of its consultancy project with GIZ, has taken up the task of exploring the RE potential across the health sectors in West Bengal and developing a detailed Renewable energy roadmap for the health sector.

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Solar-Powered Health Centers at Pune


3M has partnered with SELCO to implement solar powered inverter systems and street lights to 7 PHCs around the radius of the its manufacturing plant.

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Solar-Powered community lighting at Telangana


Under the United Way partnership, SELCO has implemented 60 street lights and 6 High Mast lights in 4 villages of Telangana.

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Solar Power for disability differently abled resource center - Margadarshi


The Margadarshi Trust wanted to use renewable energy sources to meet their energy needs Solar-powered inverter system

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Solar Inverter System for Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Upala, Kasargod, Kerala


Two solar inverter systems were installed at Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Upala, Kasargod, Kerala. The system powers the entire temple campus covering the main temple, office, and kitchen. The project is a CSR initiative by Karnataka Bank Pvt Ltd.

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Solar Power for Kattunayakar Tribal Community, JJ Nagar,Thiruparakundram, Madurai


Kattunayakar village is completely unelectrified. There are approximately 32 households in the village. The tribal community center has been equipped with a 1kW Solar Inverter System which is powering the lights inside and outside the center, and a smart TV. The smart TV is provided with webcam and wifi access which enables the tribal children to learn their lessons through various apps, this facility caters to around 80 tribal children. Around 28 households in the village have been provided with a 1 light, 1 mobile charger system.

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Sustainable Water Distribution Project for remote hamlets at Pune, Maharashtra


Yelavali and Bhomale villages are remote hamlets, which are located at one of the peaks of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary in the District of Pune, Maharashtra. Due to contamination in the water, Villagers have to travel far to collect water. Impact : The solution will cater total population of 400 people.Solar pumps will give an output of 10,000 liters per day for Yalavali and 30,000 liters per day for Bhomale Village.

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MODEL VILLAGE at Jamkhandi for devadasi community


The aim of this project was to make Jambagi Village in Jamkhandi, Bagalokte, Karnataka, a model solar village by providing basic home lighting solutions and livelihood solutions.

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Solar-Powered Sweet Potato Chips Making Unit at Belagavi


Sweet potato is a tuber crop which grows in winter season. Farmers earn a mere ₹6 - ₹10 per kg of sweet potato which does not yield profit to the farmer. However, value addition is one part which greatly impacts the cost of sweet potato. Understanding this fact, an NGO named Abhyudaya Kendra planned to set up a solar-powered sweet potato chips making unit at Santebastawade, Belagavi. This was installed to help a local SHG named Sneha Jyoti.

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Solar-Powered Cold Storage at Vijayapura,Karnataka:


Mr. Nagappa Bhovi is a farmer in Bableshwar Taluk, Vijayapura, Karnataka, whose main crop is dry grapes. He spends around Rs.10,000-15,000 every month towards transportation and storage.To minimize these costs and to increase his income he has installed a solar-powered cold storage facility of 5 metric tonne.

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Street light for villages in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu:


SELCO  has partnered with  Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) as a part of its CSR initiative to install 80 street lights in 9 villages of Valantharavi panchayat, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.

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Solar-Digital Education for 7 Schools in Sullia Taluk


SELCO Solar along with its CSR partners came up with the initiative to install solar powered smart classrooms in 7 government schools in and around this village.

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Solar-Powered Flour Mill and Spice Grinding Machine at Bankoli, Sirsi


Mr. Mahabaleshwar Kanabi from this village set up a solar-powered flour mill and spice making machine at his place with through a personal loan and support from BVT Sustain plus, Manipal

News and Articles

News & Article Image

Kannada Article-'Self-Employment Boosts Women's Self-Confidence'


SELCO organized a Women Entrepreneurs Workshop in collaboration with the Dharmasthala Village Development Project.

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Kannada Article-Smart class Inauguration


SELCO inaugurated Solar-powered smart classes at the Government Higher Primary School in Nandi village ,Chikkaballapur

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Kannada Article - Smart Class Inauguration

17 - Feb-2023

SELCO inaugurated Solar-powered smart classes at the Government Senior Primary School Aldur in Chikmagaluru.

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Workshop on financing for solar-based livelihood solutions


SELCO organised a workshop titled "Financing for Solar-based Livelihood Solutions: Learning for Scaling Up" for NGOs, bankers, and panchayat development officers In collaboration with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in Mangaluru, Karnataka.

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A national conference on "Women prosperity complacent-2" was inaugurated at Dharwad.


SELCO conducted a national conference on "Women prosperity complacent-2" In Rayapur, close to Dharwad.

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Rural homes of Karnataka harness power of the sun


SELCO's Solar based innovation is strengthening livelihoods in rural Karnataka by providing energy solutions.

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Kannada Article -Workshop on Energy Based Social Development


Two Days workshop was conducted by SELCO on 'Energy Based Social Development' for journalists at Ramanagara.

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Kannada Article - Agricultural information


Agricultural information, Climate change and National-International News for farmers from Solar Radio at Community Radio centre in Singatagre , Hassan.

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Workshop on Energy Based Social Development


Two Days workshop was held on 'Energy Based Social Development' for journalists at Hagare village in Belur taluk, Hassan.

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - Solar-powered System


Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri Inaugurated DC Solar solutions in Marigudi Mahesha Mandapam at Marikamba Temple,Sirsi.

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Kannada Article - Let government hospitals uplift.


Minister of Labour Shivrama Hebbar Inaugurated a Solar-powered renovated Labour Room at Mundagoda Taluk Hospital,Sirsi on Sunday.

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Kannada Article - Inauguration


The Energy Based Social Development Workshop was inaugurated on Wednesday at Haveri.

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Kannada Article - Workshop on Energy Based Social Development Welfare


Two days workshop held on 'Energy Based Social Development Welfare' at Yadagir for North Karnataka reporters.

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Kannada Article - Inauguration and handing over of solar powered primary health centre with provision of energy efficient medical equipments


​Strengthening the health infrastructure in rural areas of Karnataka in partnership with giz at Kankumbi, Belagavi.

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Kannada Article - Solar powering PHCs in partnership with giz


Inauguration and handing over of solar powered primary health centre with provision of energy equipped medical equipment at Mundgod, Uttara Kannada

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Kannada Article - Decentralised energy powers Mobile Canteen at Sirsi


​Lights, mixer, fridge and other electrical appliances in the mobile canteen is now completely solar-powered and does not have to depend on dirty fossil fuels.​

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Kannada Artcile - Women empowerment through solar-powered feeding booth


Solar-powered feeding booth can be setup at public places to help women feed their children. This helps push the agenda of women empowerment through sustainable energy

News & Article Image

Sustainable Energy makes chilly pounding easier


Solar-powered chilly pounding machine has been installed at Dhanvantari Nagar at Hubli. This machine can crush 120 Kg of chillies per day

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - ​Modern PHC in forest fringe area at Halli hole, Kundapur


Hallihole PHC located in the interior forest area at Kundapur never had a reliable power source. Now the PHC gets a decentralised solar solution as a reliable power option. All healthcare facilities can now be accessed by the people at any point in time.

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - Basic Energy Access by SELCO


A family who did not have access to the electricity since 13 years are now provided with a Solar-powered home lighting solution

News & Article Image

Tab distribution to a Vidyaposhak student who is studying


SELCO has distributed a tab to a Vidyaposhak student who is studying second PUC in Udupi district of Karnataka

News & Article Image

Solar-powered air bed as a solution to bed sore


The SELCO has installed Solar-powered air bed as a solution to bed sore in Belthangady Taluk, Dakshina Kannada disrtict. This solution has helped a few bed ridden patients.

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - How Solar Energy helped to survive the art form


SELCO has installed Solar-powered pottery wheel system which helped to survive the art form in Shorapur Taluk, Yadgir district.

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - Patrehalli now has a solar-powered rope making machine


SELCO has installed solar-powered rope making machine, Which has helped 25 families of Lambani Community in Patrehalli, Hiriyur Taluk, Chitradurga

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - A new beginning for bright future


Two students who faced difficulty in studying post daylight and had to resort to candle previously are now provided with a reliable access to light through Solar-powered home lighting solution, thereby empowering the women with access to basic facility.

News & Article Image

Hindi Article - A community based model of Solar powered Lift Irrigation Pump


Community based model of solar-powered Lift Irrigation Pump has been implemented in Chakai and KatoriBlock of Jamui and Banka respectively. It has impacted more than 40 farmer families by providing irrigation support of more than 25 acres of farming land.

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100 bed Covid  care speiciality hospital at Yelahanka, Bengaluru


Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa inaugurated Covid Speciality Hospital built in 20 days. Of the 100-oxygen beds, 10-beds are dedicated for ICU services and 20-beds are for High Dependency Units(HDU) ward.

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Kannada Article - SELCO donatesxygen concentrators to Raichur district


SELCO donates oxygen concentrators to Raichur district of Karnataka with the support of ZP - CEO Tanveer Asif of Raichur district

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - A Solar powered labour room has been inaugurated by Sri. Arbail Hebbar Shivram -Minister, Labour Department and Sugar from Commerce and Industries Department and Harish Hande - CEO SELCO Foundation


Welcoming a new life with renewable energy. Foundation stone laying ceremony for solar-powered labor room, with well-equipped facilities was held at...

News & Article Image

The NEKRT's Solar toilet bus for Gulbarga


SELCO in Partnership with The North Eastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC) has executed a very innovative project to build a Solar toi...

News & Article Image

Solar water heaters for old - age home


Two Solar water heaters of 500 litre capacity each have been jointly donated to Anandashrama (an old - age home), at Nigadi village near Dharwad b...

News & Article Image

Hindi Article - Portable Anganwadi center in Phakuli, Muzaffarpur, Bihar


An article about how a pilot project of Portable Anganwadi center became a boon to the flood affected areas of Phakuli, Muzaffarpur 

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - Rajappa Shetty, a specially abled person, finds a ray of hope through SELCO


An Article about how solar-powered Pottery Wheel helped Rajappa Shetty who has an independent income now

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - A Solar powered fence to protect the crops from the wild


One of the everyday challenges faced by the farmers are the attack to the crops from the wildlife. As we all know this generation is heading forward w...

News & Article Image

Lack of access to energy main hurdle in poverty alleviation


Magsaysay awardee H Harish Hande has been facilitated by KVGB Chairman P Gopikrishna in Dharwad

News & Article Image

Kannada Article - Betterment through Roti


An article about how solar-powered Roti Rolling Machine changed the life of Mrs. Pushpavati Gullyanavar from Salgaon, Mundgod, Uttara Kannada district...

News & Article Image

A solar shed helped Mangala restart her canteen business


Solar-powered photocopier in a grocery shop at Hiriyur taluk

News & Article Image

13 urban migrants to benefit from Selco's HUM project


Under Home for the Urban Migrants (HUM) project of Selco Foundation, two houses were handed over to migrant labourers at Mullikatte in Hosadu village...

News & Article Image

Farmers float own mart to sell their produce


Farmers of two villages in Ranebennur taluk of Haveri district have floated their own Bhoomika rural mart

News & Article Image

Solar powered cane juicer for sustainable rural livelihood


A solar powered sugarcane juicer, installed as part of Balepuni Madari Grama Abhiyana in Balepuni Gram Panchayat limits, aims at promoting sustainable...

News & Article Image

SELCO launches solar-powered mobile swab collection units


Selco Solar Light Pvt Ltd has launched a solar-powered solution to help the frontline healthcare workers in rural areas.

News & Article Image

How SELCO Solar is helping create livelihoods for people in Karnataka


The company’s solar-powered laptop printers, milking machines, roti rollers, and sewing machines, among over 50 products and solutions, are helping cr...

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