Our Operational Model

SELCO's portfolio of solutions comprises technical and non-technical solutions in order to adequately address complex social issues using sustainable energy. The cornerstone of SELCO's success has been its two pronged approach of doorstep service and financing

Doorstep Servicing

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High quality solutions that are backed by a reliable after sales service network. The Energy Service Center is the basic building block of the Company's rural operations. Each ESC has a service territory in which it markets, sells, installs, and services SELCO's energy services.

Through these ESCs, SELCO reaches the last mile. Further in order to sustain reliability and durability of systems, SELCO has devised an extensive after sales service network which includes exclusive service branches, service camps, customer care helplines, annual maintenance contracts etc. Privacy-Policy-App

    Doorstep Financing

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    SELCO facilitates linkages with various financial institutions in its areas of operations to offer customized financial solutions suited to the cash flows of customers:

    1. Commercial Banks: There are a total of seven commercial banks that work with SELCO to finance its energy products (Syndicate bank, Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank , corporation bank, Karnataka Bank (Private ) Indian Overseas banks, State Bank of Mysore)
    2. Regional Rural Banks (or known as Grameen Banks): SELCO has also worked with several RRBs that have now converged into three main rural banks i.e. Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank, Kaveri Grameena Bank, and Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank.
    3. Rural Farmers Cooperatives: SELCO works with 25 farmers co-operatives like rubber cooperative, vanilla cooperative etc. However in future plans interactions with this type of financial institution will reduce.
    4. Micro-Finance Institutions: SELCO works with SKDRDP in Karnataka and Myrada in Karnataka to cater to its 300,000 women client base.

    SELCO innovates in order to constantly respond to rural energy issues in the field that are rarely addressed.

    SELCO continues to pursue a greater degree of freedom to risk and create more linkages between poverty, technology, income generation, financial services and quality of life.

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    Our Organization Structure

    SELCO has refined a delivery system of energy services to cater to its customers’ priority energy needs which includes a high quality product, installation, end user financing options, equipment maintenance and customer awareness. SELCO Headquarters office in Bangalore is responsible for the overall management of SELCO operations while last mile branches are located across five geographies.

    Operations are conducted through four administrative levels:

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    Our Customers

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    Underserved populations are often referred to as the Bottom of the Pyramid implying a homogeneous mass. SELCO views poverty at multiple levels and across various dimensions. It can be classified by income, living conditions, occupation, location, social status among others.

    Therefore solutions addressing these varying needs have to be designed and deployed taking into consideration these differences.

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